Spicy Keema

OMG DELICIOUS! My first time trying this was when I was about 16. I went to a local Indian-Pakistani restaurant with few friends and they ordered this plate in particular. Man o man I was hooked!!! As you know from my previous blogs I am a super picky eater but my taste buds are always wanting something NEW! This plate can be pretty pricy at restaurants so I ended up running into a friends mom and asked her if she could help me with a traditional recipe (then of course I edited it to my liking)!


  • 1 Pound Ground Beef/ Ground Chicken
  • 1/2 packet of SHAN Seekh Kabob Spice (included picture below)
  • 4 tablespoons Raw Papaya Paste (tenderizer)
  • 1/2 Finely chopped Small onion
  • 1/2 Serrano Pepper Thinly sliced (1 whole for extra spicy, 1/4 for medium spice)
  • 2 tablespoons Margarine/Butter
  • 4 Tablespoons Vegetable/ Canola Oil
  • Cilantro (enough to garnish)
  • *Optional add crushed peppers 1/2 teaspoon
  • Naan (bread) to eat with the Keema


  • Mix the meat with the Shan Spice, raw papaya, Mix well.
  • Place in the refrigerator Marinate minimum 1 hour


  • In a pan on medium heat melt the butter and warm up the oil mixing it together. Add the marinated meat and spread it on the pan. Lower the heat a bit and cook it using a spoon to smash it into small pieces as its cooking. The texture will become super smooth and tiny.
  • Once the meat changes texture and looks cooked top off with the garnish serrano and onions. Lower heat to low and close the pan with a lid and let it simmer for 5-10 minutes.
  • I do not add salt because the seasoning already has it (you can add salt if you like), once the meat is cooked and onions are transparent mix well and then top with cilantro! Ready to serve!
  • *Tip: you can drip some fresh lemon juice on top if you like
  • *Tip: you can also add 1 boiled potato cut into huge pieces or 1 boiled egg slices

*Eat with fresh tortillas from your local grocery store or Naan which can also be found in your local grocery stores (Naan is a delicious bread top it with butter after its cooked) look at pictures below!


Hope this helps for a quick easy meal that is delicious! All my friends love it! Below are recipes I make from leftovers and other ways to eat it!!

1. Keema Cheese Quesadilla- Flour tortilla add warmed Keema to half of the tortilla, add shredded cheese on top (I used mexican style). Fold in half and cook until a bit golden on both sides and crispy. Eat with sour cream or without it and it will still taste great!

*Tip: IF you like Spicy, I get a tablespoon of sour cream, add Sriracha Sauce to it, not to much just enough to sprinkle the top of the sour cream with the sour cream still  showing, mix well. I LOVE HOW THIS TASTE, give it a try!

2. Keema Sandwich- Grab buns or 2 slices of bread. Butter the outside of the bun or bread place the butter side down on low heated pan. Add a layer of the keema, top with cheese, and the top bun or toast with the butter facing up. Turn the heat up to medium after one minute flip it let the butter side cook. Do this until both sides are crispy or golden. Ready to serve! Tip: You can add anything you like I usually add onions for a crisp before adding the bread on top. You can add raw jalapeños, onions, cilantro, lemon juice etc.

3. MY ALL TIME FAVORITE! I make some of my garlic pasta. Which, I think I posted the recipe before but to recap. You will need 3-4 tablespoons Olive oil, 3 cloves thinly sliced Garlic, Place the oil on low heat in a pan, add the garlic, stir until the room starts smelling like garlic *before it browns* turn off the stove *optional add 1/2 teaspoon of crushed peppers if you like*, make sure the oil is still hot and immediately add it to your cooked, drained, pasta (1/2 bag for this recipe, boiled in salted water)! Stir well. Add salt and black pepper to taste. (I usually sprinkle black pepper on top, and stir about 1/2 teaspoon salt then add more as needed) Add grated parmesan cheese about 3-4 tablespoons, mix well. Now add 1/2 cup- 1 cup your left over or fresh keema and mix well.  You can add more if you like I just prefer pasta over meat! Stir in some fresh thin cut onions and some thinly sliced jalapeños or serrano peppers . Cook for 5 minutes on low top with fresh shredded cheese and serve!

*My friends daughter Nia lovessss this! Every time I make it I automatically think of her. She barely eats anything but when I make this pasta she sits and calmly eats! Nia is 2 years old and as you should know many 2 year olds love playing hate eating! The picture I have posted is Chicken Keema with the pasta! Enjoy 🙂





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