Want to save some money on Groceries and Daily Hygiene Products?

I mean OF COURSE you want to save money on groceries! If you live where there is a Kroger, HEB, CVS, or Walgreens download each of their apps on your smartphone.

  1. Krogers 
  • Download the App
  • Get a Kroger’s Rewards card get it linked with your phone number
  • Every Friday on the Kroger’s App, Coupons, There will be a FREE FRIDAY Product ranges from Coffee Creamers, Chocolate, New Chips, so on. Absolutely free!
  • Are you to lazy to look through stacks of coupons from a Sunday newspaper? In the Kroger’s App, Click Coupons, and search for the items you will be purchasing and download the coupons. Save on cheese, sour cream, butter, ice cream, cooking oil, tide detergent, cleaning products and so on! “Load to card” the coupon you would like to use!
  • At the top there is a tab that says “My Coupons” you can keep track of all the coupons are useful for you.
  • If you haven’t tried Kroger brand items I must share their Cheese is good, Sour Cream, Cooking oils, Water, Aluminum Foil, Frozen Potatoes such as fries, tatter tots. So do not hesitate to give it a chance and save some additional money!
  • Kroger FUEL! Kroger has a coupon available for 2x fuel or 4x fuel when you purchase groceries on Friday, Saturday or Sundays! So if you spent $50 on groceries you just got 100 points if you had clipped the 2x coupon. This saves you 10 cents a gallon at the Kroger Fuel Station! The more points you gather the cheaper your Fuel! The discounts can be applied at Shell gas station too! Just make sure to use your Kroger’s Rewards card or alternate phone number!

2.   H-E-B

  • Download the H-E-B app
  • Go to coupons and star clipping them, many Sunday News Paper coupons available and more! Most coupons you will NOT even find in stores! When you are checking out at the store, where you scan your credit card type in your number, and pin if applicable. The items you got with coupons you have clipped will be discounted.
  • A lot of people have no clue about this! Even the workers are like wooo how did you do that? Do not miss out save on everyday items like shaving razors, deodorant, hair color, shampoo, and Groceries!!

3.   CVS

  •  Download the CVS Pharmacy App
  • My deals & Rewards: send coupons directly to your shopping card, which if you do not have one sign up for one! Whenever you checkout and you purchased items with a coupon that was sent to your card tell the cashier to apply the coupon.
  • Get a free curbside pick up promotion $10 items for $10 off or sometimes $15 items for $10 off. I mean who can beat FREE!?
  • Make sure you get a shopping card, if you fill in 5 prescriptions using your shoppings card you will receive $5 in extra bucks to spend in stores 🙂
  • Also, their is a machine you can scan your card at CVS stores it prints coupons for weekly deals. You can get free items or extremely discounted items each week! You can get free tooth paste or extremely cheap, cheap hair color, shampoos, and Sodas!

4. Walgreens

  • Download Walgreens App, Get a shoppers rewards card, link your number to the card so you can just input your number each time instead of struggling for your card. (Which you can do this for all the stores listed above *H-E-B has no rewards card only digital coupons)
  • Once the App launches press “Weekly Ad & Coupons” as all others store listed Walgreens also offers most Sunday news paper coupons plus extra! Start “Clipping” the coupons that fit what you are looking for!
  • Also, at Walgreens you get points for your purchases, certain items will have extra 1,000 points so on! Every 5,000 points you earn its equivalent to $5 off.

These are 4 ways to start saving you some extra money to invest into something more worth it. FREE is unbeatable! Give these Apps an opportunity and hope they help you as much as they helped me! Have any questions feel free to ask!


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