I am a Realtor in Houston, Texas. Therefore gasoline comes and goes quickly. Driving around to show luxury apartments, homes, lands, and commercial properties makes gas a major expense for me each month. I am going to explain three ways for you to save money on fuel. It is super easy as long as you have a smart phone and rewards card!

  1. Download T-mobile App, if your a T-mobile customer ONLY! Every Tuesday open the app and press play now, get promotional free products or coupons for Groupon, Baskin Robins, Subway, and other places. Also, keep a look out for “Shell Gas Station Fuel Rewards” click on the Shell Gas Station logo in “My stuff” and scroll down press “Redeem”. Use the code on Fuel Rewards app (download it) and save .25 cents a GALLON at ANY SHELL gas station! Make sure you download the Fuel Rewards app register with your phone number! At shell just click on fuel rewards option and input your phone number.
  • *IF your not a Tmobile Customer go ahead and still download the Fuel Rewards app, You will still be able to save .05 cents a gallon and each time you use premium gas you save .10 cents your next purchase!

2. Download Kroger’s App and get a Kroger’s Shoppers Card ( you can use your alternate id, which is your phone number) Every 100 points you save .10 cents a gallon, and if you download the app and click on the coupons for 2x Fuel Points and 4x Fuel Points your likely to even save more! 100 points times 4 equals 400 points or .40 cents off per gallon! If you do not shop at Kroger’s often then go ahead and just get the rewards shopper card thats free and automatically save .03 cents a gallon for using it! You can also use your rewards card from Kroger’s on Shell GAS!

3. Download Randall’s App and get a Randalls Rewards Card: Just like Kroger’s the more you shop at Randall’s the more you save on gas. The randall’s rewards points can be used at any Chevron as well. However, if you do not shop at Randall’s often get a Rewards card and save .03 cents a galloon.

I am not a marketer or affiliated with any of these stores that I spoke about. My goal is to help people save money! Hope it helps thank you 🙂


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